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By Nita Berry Illustrated by B.G. Varma

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It seemed hotter than ever, for the shade had almost disappeared. Indeed, the shadow of the tree had shortened to a mere stump. Moreover, it had moved away from him. Early man grunted irritably and moved into the little, dark patch. There was not another tree for miles around. There were some big boulders, but their shadows too had virtually disappeared. h< was that it ^ Much, n whenever s< a shadow w not a creatu all had shad that when h a shadow o: walked, anc He realizec because he: looked at th( times of the remained t morning, wh long his sha shorter as th the evening, dipped towc The direct the directior Soon the sun began to go down.

Bells were, therefore, associated with clocks in those early days of mechanical timekeeping. In fact, even before mechanical clocks existed, churches and monasteries rang bells to tell the common folk that it was time for prayers. The devout would stop all their activities, to say their prayers. Some of these prayers for which bells were rung were called sexts and nones. These terms were taken from Latin, and meant the sixth hour and the ninth hour, when prayers were said. So the ringing of prayer bells also indicated the time.

He had made a simple pendulum, like the lantern in the church. He next replaced the iron weight with a much lighter wooden one. This too took the same amount of time to swing to and fro, in a regular motion. Galileo thought hard. His experiment confirmed that the time taken for one swing remained the same, regardless of the weight attached. However, the time taken for the pendulum to swing did vary according to the length of the string. Galileo, who later went on to study mathematics and become a famous scientist, had discovered the laws of the pendulum.

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