Andreotti-Grauert Theory by Integral Formulas - download pdf or read online

By Prof. Dr. Gennadi M. Henkin, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Leiterer (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0817634134

ISBN-13: 9780817634131

ISBN-10: 1489967249

ISBN-13: 9781489967244

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T 2 n):Cn---7 ~2 n are the real coordinates in Cn with zj=tj(z)+itj+n(z), z£Cn. 14) where Re: = ""real part of"". (x) + ~ --tj+n(x) j=1 otj J J=1 Otj+n <'V ~~(z),t(x)>. 11. Observation. Let D cc en be a convex domain with c 2 boundary, U a neighborhood of D, and g:U~ m a c 2 function with Further, let t=(t 1 , ... ,t 2n):Cn ~ R 2n be the real coordinates inC n with zj=tj(z)+itj+n(z). 10, for any zEbD, the complex plane is contained in the (real) tangent plane of bD at x. e. 15) x-z> depends holomorphically on z.

Let D ~c ~n be a domanin with piecewise almost SK=SK(Y). c1 A boundary, Y=(Y 1 , ... ,YN) a frame forD, and we denote the simplex of all points (t 0 , ... ,tN) t 0 , ... ,tN~o and ~ tj= 1. We orient D. by dt 1 ... d~. By~ 2: £ RN+1 with 47 For every strictly increasing collection K=(k1 , ... ,k1 ) of integers we set O~k 1 < ... : L_ tk s=1 We orient the manifolds ~K s = 1}. 3) Then, for any strictly increasing collection K=(k 1 , ... ,k 1 ) of integers 1~k 1 < ...

N) are the sheaves defined by O,r (Z (U) - CO,r(U,E) for all open U ~X; Notice that iff is a section of (C~r)E and function, then Xf Xis an arbitrary C00 -oe.

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Andreotti-Grauert Theory by Integral Formulas by Prof. Dr. Gennadi M. Henkin, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Leiterer (auth.)

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