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By Han Bing Siong

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N. I. It deals with the act of spreading rumours or announcements with the intent to cause commotion among the people, and the act of spreading news or announcing something which may cause that commotion, while it must be known that the news or the announcement is not true. Art. XV provides a penalty for trespassing the same prohibition which had been issued by decree No. 19 of July 8, 1940 of the Dutch military government, 70 namely the act of spreading news which is doubtful, or which is exaggerated or not complete, while it is known or ought to be known that the news will cause or may easily cause commotion among the people.

I. in force in the regions 97 9S S. 1945 No. 123, entered into force on August 25, 1945. S. 1945 No. 135, in force as from October 7, 1945. 30 RECENT HISTORY OF INDONESIAN CRIMINAL LAW under the authority of the Republic of Indonesia with art. 569 as its final stipulation. Anyhow, it is certain that with the promulgation of Act No. S. N. I. P. If the opinion of the author is correct, there were even three different criminal codes in force in Indonesia in the period between February 26, 1946, when Act No.

In the regions put under Dutch control during the first police action. A different standpoint was taken by the Pengadilan Tinggi Djawa Barat l07 Javasche Courant 1947 p. 321, Cowan, op. cit. p. 91-92. RECENT IUSTORY OF INDONESIAN CRIMINAL LAW 33 in Bandung 108 which abode by the stipulation of art. 2. S. N. I. after the first military action were a revision of art. 171,110 the remission of art. 153 his and 153 ter, and the addition of the new articles 159a and 159b, and of a new paragraph to art.

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