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A lot of background is dependent upon victories and defeats in conflict. study the strategies and techniques that formed the world’s most vital campaigns via unique conflict maps, diagrams and poignant photos. during this new version, comprehend what components contributed to the results and discover how such occasions have formed the identification of societies around the globe.

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The 60 Egyptian ships sail away on a convenient breeze from the battle. 02 01 MARK ANTONY LEADER Famed politician and general, his affair with Cleopatra strained his relationship with Rome. Strength A vast fleet and strong support from the powerful Roman consuls in the Senate. Weakness Distracted by his relationship with his lover Cleopatra. QUINQUEREME FLEET KEY UNIT Gigantic, intimidating galleys that featured huge rams and could be very heavy. Strength Armoured bronze plates ideal for ramming.

Strength Armoured bronze plates ideal for ramming. Weakness Slow and hard to manoeuvre, small failures could prove disastrous. 06 THE BATTLE ESCALATES With Antony’s centre exposed and in disarray, Lucius Arruntius, who commands Octavian’s centre, sends his ships forward at full speed, straight into the enemy centre. A major battle erupts. BALLISTA KEY WEAPON Huge towers built onto the decks of ships, which catapulted missiles at the enemy. Strengths Shot with massive force, devastating if on target.

Strengths A versatile weapon that can be used in both hand-to-hand combat or as a missile. Weakness Required years of training to use effectively. © Look and Learn; Sayo Studio 07 Shield wall breaks 37 Greatest Battles “He cut the men down in a flash, incensed that the English would dare tell him what to do in his own country” WILLIAM WALLACE Scottish, 1270-1305 Little is known about Wallace’s early years, but it is thought he was an educated man and a son of a county knight. But his growing anger at the takeover of Scotland by the English is in no doubt.

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