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By Alexander Alekhine

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This consultant positive aspects Alekhine's annotations of his personal video games. It examines video games that span his profession from his early encounters with Lasker, Tarrasch and Rubenstein, via his international name battles, to his conferences with the recent new release of avid gamers within the Nineteen Fifties. Algebraic notations are integrated.

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E4 ! and White's knight will force its way into the hostile camp via e4 or d5, with decisive effect. w ••• 10 'l'g4! Threatening both 1 1 'l'xg7 and taking on d5. B lack's reply is there­ fore compulsory. f5 10 gxf6 11 exf6 12 0-0-0 White again threatens 1 3 lDxd5, his king having been removed from the e-file. Alekhine - Isakov 3 1 12 c6 13 l:te1 �d8 There is no other way to develop the queenside. If 1 3 . . d7 the sacri­ fice of the knight at d5 would once more be decisive. 14 l:th6! In order to tie up B lack's pieces still more, on account of the pressure on his f-pawn.

White could have frustrated this plan by 9 l:td l ! and Black's position would have remained very cramped. 9 ... xc4 e5! lbxe5 ! , and Black equalises with ease. b3! By this move, which prevents B lack from gaining time later on with . . lbb6, White indirectly meets 1 1 ... e4, which would now result merely in the loss of a pawn after 1 2 lbg5, and thus White still maintains a slight superiority. l:txf7 (not 1 1 . �xf7? 1 2 dxe5 lOg4 1 3 l:tad l ! 'fie7 14 e6+ ! �xe6 15 'fid4 l2Jge5 1 6 lbxe5 lbxe5 1 7 f4 !

LIe8 27 'iVd7! 28 lIc1 ••• 2 9 d4 lbg4 30 lIe4 If 30 dxc5 lbxe3 3 1 fxe3 , then 3 l .. i'xa4 ! (but not 3 l . i'xd5). e4! 30 Now Black's queenside pawns become very threatening. The ques­ tion is, how to maintain them ! The game now enters upon its most criti­ cal phase. 3 1 lbe5 If 3 1 lbxaS obviously 3 1 . i'xd5 and Black wins easily. 31 'if5! 32 'ie2! (D) White has defended himself ex­ cellently, and hopes to obtain a deci­ sive advantage by the text move, which threatens the knight and the c­ pawn at the same time; but Black's reply gives him a disagreeable sur­ prise.

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