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By William C. Robertson

ISBN-10: 0873552385

ISBN-13: 9780873552387

Through William C. Robertson, Ph.D. Make earth technological know-how instructing a quite often sunny adventure with this best-selling job consultant! easy homes of air and water are sincerely and thoroughly defined and are observed through drawings and hands-on actions utilizing available fabrics. those techniques then develop into the basis for illustrating climate styles together with the jet movement, typhoon fronts, tornadoes, and hurricanes. 134 pages. Paperback. Grades 3-8.

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Makes sense. The less dense alcohol floats on top of the denser vegetable oil, and the less dense vegetable oil tends to float on the denser water. Also, the cork and the Styrofoam are less dense than water, so they float on the water. A ball of modeling clay and a rock are denser than water, so they sink. I need to warn you right now that a difference in densities is only part of the reason why one liquid or object floats on another liquid. You don’t have to look any further than steel ships to see that there’s more to it than density.

Think about that for a second. What that statement means is that the buoyant force really depends only on the fluid and not on the object, other than the fact that it’s the object doing the displacing. Okay, so what’s causing this upward force? To answer that, we take a look at what the molecules in the fluid are doing. What they’re doing is moving around, bumping into one another and bumping into any object that might be submerged in the fluid. So, the fluid is exerting a force on any object submerged in it.

In 24 National Science Teachers Association Chapter 2 this case, though, there are no rigid walls to keep the gas from expanding. So, when you first put the glass over the candle, there are fewer air molecules per volume inside the glass (this reduces air pressure) but these molecules are moving faster than the ones outside the glass (this increases air pressure inside). These two effects cancel, and nothing much happens. While the candle is burning, something else is going on. That something else is that in the process of burning, the candle removes oxygen molecules from the air.

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