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By Martin Gardner

ISBN-10: 0716714140

ISBN-13: 9780716714149

A notebook of riddles, jam-packed with enjoyable and illustrations.

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65. BUBBLE, BUBBLE, LOVE AND ? aaa Windlestraw has a number of magic potions that are shown bubbling away in flasks below. If flask B contains love potion, what kind of potion does flask D contain? A 66. B C D E F MAKING A SPLASH G H I aaa Poor Professor Bunsen-Bernard has accidentally knocked over a test-tube of corrosive fluid that has splashed over the piece of paper on which he has written this letter sequence. The result is that three of the letters have been completely obliterated. Can you work out what the letters were?

It is very easy. Too easy some might say. STOLE IT 71. WHAT’S COOKING? aa Windlestraw’s supper is bubbling away in two glass flasks normally used for brewing his magic potions because he is very behind with the washing-up. Just one more thing needs to be added to each flask and his vegetarian meal will be finished. What will he be having for supper? (9 letters) 38 Puzzles 72. MISS-DIRECTION aaa What word should replace the question mark? 73. QUESTION TIME aaa If the answer is BOTXFS, the question is?

How many humps does his camel have? 126. MISSING NUMBERS aaa What are the three missing numbers? RAT = 35, 55, 90. IT = 70, 40, 70. , ?. 127. DECODE aa See if you can decode the following to find out what you are. Bcr ILOLI ADNET 128. CONTINENTAL DRIFT aaa A certain creature is taken from a continent and moved to the region found on the exact opposite side of the Earth. Once there, however, it finds itself back in the continent from which it has just been removed! What is the creature? ” Puzzles 129.

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