New PDF release: After the fact : the surprising fates of American history's

By Owen J. Hurd

ISBN-10: 0399537538

ISBN-13: 9780399537530

Provides fascinating anecdotes of recognized american citizens, together with Paul Revere, Richard Nixon and Eliot Ness.

summary: provides fascinating anecdotes of recognized americans, together with Paul Revere, Richard Nixon and Eliot Ness

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Those who wished to return were outvoted by Hudson and a clique of loyal sailors who decided to stay put, assuming the weather there would not be too much worse than an English winter. That was their second mistake. The first mistake was putting it to a vote. Hudson may have believed that the crew would be more likely to accept the outcome if they had a say in it. Instead, it broadened existing divisions between two camps, hardening the resolve of those who were determined to overthrow the captain.

An outbreak of contagious disease claimed thousands of lives. Indians massacred ninety people in New Hampshire. If the Puritans were beginning to suspect that God might be punishing them for the witch trials, the clincher came in the form of a plague of locusts, or some sort of insect infestation that devastated the season’s pea crop. Clearly something had to be done. The general court of Massachusetts issued an order for a day of fasting on January 14, 1697. ” Sewall, judging himself acutely responsible for the tragedy, issued the following public apology, read aloud at his church: Samuel Sewall, sensible of the reiterated strokes of God upon himself and family; and being sensible, that as to the guilt contracted, upon the opening of the late Commission of Oyer & Terminer at Salem…he is, upon many accounts, more concerned than any that he knows of, desires to take the blame & shame of it, asking pardon of men, and especially desiring prayers that God who has an unlimited authority, would pardon that sin, and all other his sins.

Miles Standish mounted a preemptive attack, killing a half dozen prominent warriors in a surprise attack that not only derailed the planned offensive but threw their enemies into a profound disarray. ” A little terror, it seems, goes a long way. With these common enemies neutralized, the Pilgrims and Pokanokets lived peaceably alongside each other for many years. The tradition of an annual Thanksgiving, however, did not take hold right away. In fact, it was another hundred and fifty years before the tradition became anything more than a regional celebration, observed occasionally.

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After the fact : the surprising fates of American history's heroes, villains, and supporting characters by Owen J. Hurd

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