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They originate along bedding planes and tectonic fractures, which are enlarged into networks of open ®ssures, while favourable ¯ow paths are enlarged selectively into caves (Palmer, 1991). There is an optimum zone of cave development just below the water table, where 10 Rocks, dissolution and karst [Ch. 5. A major sinkhole collapse under an urban highway in Bowling Green, a city that stands entirely on the Sinkhole Plain of Kentucky; the fog is due to warm air rising from the breached cave early on a cold winter morning.

Selective dissolution of calcite in a dolomitic limestone can cause disaggregation to leave a weak dolomite sand. Partial dolomitization may create a patchy distribution of dolomite within the rock mass, whereas total recrystallization produces a medium to coarse, crystalline mosaic. The process of dolomitization leads to an increase in porosity of up to about 13%, which subsequently may be decreased by the processes of induration. Dedolomitization may follow, whereby dolomite is replaced by calcite, probably in response to the partial dissolution of gypsum (Williams and McNamara, 1992).

3 SOLUTION SINKHOLES AND SOLUTION DOLINES On outcrops of soluble rocks without signi®cant soil cover, solution sinkholes in various shapes and sizes are the dominant karst landform of intermediate size. They are the surface depressions that range between 1 m and 1,000 m across. Together with the smaller karren features and the larger landforms of cones, towers and pavements (Chapter 1), solution sinkholes characterise the landscape of karst. As they are slowly evolving features of a karst terrain, they are long-term geomorphological landforms; they are perhaps better known as solution dolines, and that term is used in these pages.

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