A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa - download pdf or read online

By Julian Granberry

ISBN-10: 3895867640

ISBN-13: 9783895867644

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Migucid abukanug die diety diminutive suffix dipper dirt do dog done (to be ... ) don't door dreadful dress drink drizzle drunk(be) drunk (noun) duck duD (=not sharp) dung dwell dwelling (place) E ear earlier earth earth (all the ... ) eat eel egg eight eighteen eleven tawa nawad (o)ki bamkugi micnix, nixwags warn ciwiask nabniciwiask nabniniquut 70 71 enough enter eternal evening ever everyone (animate) everything evil evil spirit excrement eye baca, tabi sigwi-, sugwicimi, micimi wigungzo ninuquudu wanjug jagwan ciphugi bibi, dibi, jibay migucid skisuk F face fall down far father feather fee fifteen find finished fire first person plural suffix first person plural suffix fish (noun) fish (verb) five flat flat bill flesh flour fly (noun) kunung buxkozitiya-, duksuniyo way ox migwan apig nabninipaw konbaca, kuji wiyot -un(an) -(u)mun piamug piamug canipaw quanog baquumx wiyos biyoway wojuwas fly (verb) fool (female) foot forever forgive fortnight four fourteen fox fresh fresh water Friday frighten frog from bodunaxjunayxqua sid cimi hi kidniswik yaw nabniyaw wunks yona yonabag bayta quonwihaygkopayas future time particle future time particle -co mus WOCI G gasp gather genitalia get out!

Them' 2. they; 3. their [Source : Diary 1] 60 61 wuhugpronoun (wu·'hug) lw:rh~/ [wohug] 1. her; 2. herself; 3. him; 4. himself (Der. wu- 'his'+ -hug(i) 'body') [Source: Diary I] wuhug uw pronoun (wu·'h u·guw ) /w:rh~-:m4 [wohugoo] 1. them; 2. w:Jnks! w:Jnsat:l [wonsarter] Wednesday (Der. English 'Wednesday') [Source: Diary I] wutug a- verb (wu·'tu·ga-) /w:t~a-1 [wutuga-] be wet. Ex. wutug ayo [wutugayo] lw:Jt~a-y-o(wY 'it is wet'; wutug apa [wutugapa] w:Jt~a ­ pa/ 'it would be wet' [Source : Diary 1] wutugayo particle (wu·tu·ga·'yo) Diary 1] /w:t~ay-ol [wutugayo] wet [Source: X -x pronominal suffix (-x) 1-s/ [-sh] you (Imperative Order Intransitive) [Source: Diary 1, Sermon] xini particle (xi·ni') lsinil [shenee] that [Source: Diary 2] xkok noun (xkok) /skok/ [shkook] snake [Source : Diary 1; Stiles 'skoogs '] xkun noun (xkun) lsk:Jnl [shkun] bone; plural xkunx [shkunsh] [Source : Diary 1] xpuk noun (xpuk) /sp:id [shpuck] meat [Source: Diary I] xqua noun (xqua) lskwal [shquaw] 1.

New York Cowan, William 1973. Pequot from Stiles to Speck. International Journal of American Linguistics, 39(4): 164-172. Goddard, lves 1978. Eastern Algonquian Languages. In Handbook of North American Indians, vol. , 1978, pp. 70-77. 1996. Introduction. In Handbook of North American Indians, vol. , 1996, pp. 1-16. Goddard, lves and Kathleen Bragdon 1988. Native Writings in Massachusett. 2 vols. American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia. Granberry, Julian 2003. Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa.

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