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By Shuichi Kato

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A brand new simplified variation translated by means of Don Sanderson. the unique three-volume paintings, first released in 1979, has been revised specifically as a unmarried quantity paperback which concentrates at the improvement of jap literature.

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The reader is there with the poet and the butterflies and the warm south wind. Sazan said that he derived his realistic style from Song poetry and that in this he followed the Japanese poet Rikunyo (17341801). However, to select one aspect of Song poetry is in itself a matter of personal choice and although there is no doubt that it was Rikunyo who pioneered this style of realistic poetry, it did not become the mainstream of Japanese poetry in Chinese until after Sazan. In fact, Sazan' s poetry was the most widely read of any in the early nineteenth century.

Records of the Kodokan did more than assert the existence and importance of the national polity and advocate respect for the Emperor and the repelling of the barbarians; it also advocated reverence to the (Shinto) gods and respect for the (Confucian) sages. ' The connection between the Mito school of thought and the terrorists that the domain produced is unclear. There were certainly some terrorists who needed no ideological study to support their simple notions of repelling the barbarians - and indeed anyone responsible for the opening of the ports.

They were educated in the Confucian tradition and only when knowledge of the West was seen to be necessary to their position or duty to society did they turn to its study. Typical of this type were Watanabe Kazan, who began his studies of the West when he was placed in charge of the sea defences of his domain, and Sakuma Sh6zan, who was requested to begin his by the lord of his domain when he was put in charge of coastal defence by the Bakufu. In 1832 Kazan, then nearly forty and apparently unable to learn Dutch himself, enlisted the aid of two doctors, Takano Ch6ei and Ozeki San'ei (1787-1839), who were both proficient in the language, to help him absorb western thought.

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