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By Arthur Rosenberg

Used - sturdy A historical past of bolshevism,: From Marx to the 1st 5 years' plan (Anchor books) [Jan 01, 1967] Rosenberg, Arthur B0007DEC7C 01/19/2015

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They breathe life into history. Something more is to be learnt from them than mere content. Recordings demonstrate the rich ability of people of all walks of life to express themselves. George Ewart Evans has shown in his many books how the dialect of the East Anglian farm labourer, long scorned by the county landowning class for its notable inarticulacy, carries a Chaucerian grammatical and expressive strength which is hard to equal in conventional English. And this kind of discovery has been shared by oral historians wherever they have worked.

He did not merely anticipate Marx by linking the stages in master±servant relationships with changes in economic organization, but produced in his discussion `of the rank and condition of women in different ages' one of the ®rst historical explanations of sexual inequality. Historians and Oral History 41 This pioneering exercise in historical sociology depended on a wide variety of published sources from ancient histories to the recent descriptions of local social customs by European travellers in other continents.

There is doubtless a large mixture of fable; but they are not on that account unworthy of being recorded; for it is both an authentic and an important fact that such tales, whether false or true, were heard by our ancestors with eagerness and faith. 36 The Voice of the Past He quotes at length a broadside street ballad which he calls `the vehement and bitter cry of labour against capital', and argues that evidence of this kind must be used for social history. `The common people of that age were not in the habit of meeting for public discussion, or haranguing, or of petitioning parliament.

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