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TEXbook: 115 There are also some special control words for making small vertical skips. They are \smallskip, \medskip, and \bigskip. 4 Line shape For most material TEX does a good job of breaking up a paragraph into lines. But sometimes it’s necessary to add further instructions. It’s possible to force a new line by inserting \hfill \break in your input file. It’s also possible to put some text on a line by itself using the control word \line{. }; then the material between the braces will be restricted to one line (although the result will be spread out over the whole line and may be horrible).

Too many }’s. Here’s a little hint to help you keep track of the braces in more complicated groups: put the opening brace on a line by itself and do the same for the closing brace. If there are braces nested within the original ones, put them on separate lines also, but indent them a few spaces. The text within the nested braces can also be indented since TEX ignores all spaces at the beginning of a line. The matching braces will then stand out when you look at your TEX source file. In fact, if your editor is smart enough, you can create the two lines with the braces first and then insert the appropriate material within them with automatic indenting.

The making of these new definitions, also called macros, is one of the most powerful techniques available in TEX. For the first application of this facility, we’ll see how a new definition can save a lot of typing by substituting short strings for long ones. 1 The long and short of it The control word \def is used to define new control words. The simplest form for doing this is \def\newname{. }. Then whenever \newname appears in your input file, it will be replaced by whatever is between the braces in the definition.

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