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By C. R. Wylie Jr.

Do you're keen on puzzles in line with good judgment and reasoning? do that one:
In a definite financial institution the placement of cashier, supervisor, and teller are held by means of Brown, Jones, and Smith, although no longer unavoidably in that order. The teller, who was once an in simple terms baby, earns the least. Smith, who married Brown's sister, earns greater than the chief. What place does each one guy fill?
If you're keen on to entertain your self and stretch psychological muscle tissues on difficulties like this or tougher ones, listed here are one zero one solely new difficulties for that you want no particular wisdom, no mathematical training—simply the facility to cause clearly.
Follow those difficulties via and you'll not just bring up your skill to imagine in abstractions, yet you'll take pleasure in fixing homicide difficulties and robberies, see which fishermen are liars and the way a blind guy can determine colour only via good judgment, and revel in dozens of fascinating events. Puzzles diversity from effortless to particularly tricky, and should please either newbies and experts.

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Mary, Helen, Grace, and Ed shot 106, 102, 100, and 94 respectively. Bill and Tom shot a 98 and a 96, but for some time they couldn't tell who had made which since they hadn't put their names on their scorecards. When the fellows finally identified their cards it turned out that two of the couples had the same total score. Ed's wife beat Bill's wife. What is the name 01 each man's wile, and what scores did Bill and Tom make? 15 Vernon, Wilson, and Yates are three professionel men, one an architect, one a doctor, and one a lawyer, who occupy offices on different floors of the same building.

15 Vernon, Wilson, and Yates are three professionel men, one an architect, one a doctor, and one a lawyer, who occupy offices on different floors of the same building. Their secretaries are named, though not necessarily respectively, Miss Ainsley, Miss Barnette, and Miss Coulter. The lawyer has his office on the ground floor. Instead of marrying her boss the way secretaries do in stories, Miss Barnette became engaged to Yates and goes out to lunch with him every day. At noon Miss Ainsley goes upstairs to eat lunch with Wilson's secretary.

On the other hand, if only one 01 these lour statements is lalse, who was the guilty man? 50 Grace, Helen, and Mary were discussing their ages one day, and in the course of their conversation they made the following assertions. Grace: Helen: Mary: I am twenty-two. I am two years younger than Helen. I am a year older than Mary. I am not the youngest. Mary and I are three years apart. Mary is twenty-five. I am younger than Grace. Grace is twenty three. Helen is three years older than Grace. It is of course too much to expect that three young women should be entirely truthful when speaking of their ages, and in the present instance only two of the three statements made by each girl are true.

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